How Do I Start Shifting From Scarcity To Abundance?

Changing is always a process – it is not a light switch that you just turn on and you’re changed. Sometimes, grasping something very different to what you initially thought can be very difficult. It took me months to realise that I was trying to achieve abundance mindset, so I’ll tell you how I started.

I was participating in a life coaching program my mentor offered to me and my fellow students. One day we talked about money and our relationship with it. A lot of us, students, had similar view on money – that we’re always broke and we’ll just stay like that until one day someone hires us.

And so our mentor told us about abundance – that even if we don’t actually have the money we need, we have it! ‘Wait a second!’ I thought to myself as my head started to explode. I could not believe that for so many years I was striving for something I already had. And how do I motivate myself now?

This a very common fear that many people stumble across when they try to make sense of this kind of mindset. And, I’ll tackle this issue in another post. But for now, know that you’re not alone. Many people around the globe are mainly motivated by money. There is nothing wrong with that.

However, that day I learned that living from the place of scarcity drains our life sources every day. I have experienced it with a number of heavy years of doubt. The day I learned that I don’t have to live like that anymore created space for abundance.

The issue with living from the place of not having enough is that you might believe that there is no way you can live in abundance right now. This is the main barrier that stands in a way of shifting your perspective. So, to start shifting to abundance, you want to start believing that you do have enough.

How do you believe that you have enough? It can be as simple as listing things that you have – these don’t need to be all materialistic – such as family, health, some assets you owe, etc. So, a year ago, in order to shift my own mindset, I dedicated myself to listing things I’m grateful for every day.

So, I invite you right now to list three things you’re grateful for today.

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