What Financial Abundance Is Not – Being Able To Spend Loads

People sometimes mistake financial abundance with their ability to spend. Living a prosperous life a lot of the time comes down to our discipline with money, or our spending habits. Just like anywhere in life, a person should have a good discipline. And not just for some time, but forever. This is how we build healthy habits of any sort. Living ‘by the rules’ is difficult and at times seems pointless, but nothing is ever done without discipline.

What is abundance? Unlike prosperity, abundance implies that resources are unlimited. When a person lives a meaningful and joyful life, it is considered that they have prosperity – their wealth is growing while their resources are managed properly. Abundance on the other hand is more spiritual way of calling prosperity. It is the belief system that no matter how the resources are managed, the person is able to live a fulfilling life.

What is spending power? Your spending capability or your spending power is the amount of money you’re able to spend after deducting taxes and other obligations. Which means that you have the power to influence markets around the globe just by buying stuff.

Are you spending a lot? Especially at this hard time, when the world is slowly getting better from the virus, a lot of us are going out on a spending sprees for the first time in a while. And we perfectly justify it by saying that we haven’t spent much in the past couple of months. But that is the flaw in our discipline. You know that because at the end of the day you look in your bank account and find that you spent way more than thought you would.

Does it mean that to live abundantly we need to not spend? That is not correct. Living without spending means that you’re avoiding life experiences that you can get sometimes only by buying. For example, you will not experience the thrill of buying a new car if you believe that you shouldn’t or can’t spend.

Rule no.1

Ditch ‘can’t’ and ‘shouldn’t’, but buy wisely. Living abundantly, or living from the place of plenty, is to use your spending power wisely. Meaning that you have an abundance of options how you can attract a fulfilling life: giving to charities, borrowing to buy something that will help you and your family in life, and investing for the future – just to name a few!

Rule no.2

Choose quality over quantity. I know that clothes in Primark are super cheap and lovely to wear, but how long do they actually last? Anything that is not hand-made, or is very cheap, is very likely to be of a questionable quality. But I am not saying to only buy branded things because sometimes they could be getting away with the high price just because it is popular. Moreover, by buying something that is really worth your money will help you attract more qualitative things in life as well.

Rule no.3

Learn from others mistakes. Have you noticed that your colleague has no money at the end of the month? Well there can be a reason why they can’t stop complaining about it. Our childhood conditioning most likely have created a basis of our spending habits as well. For example, I used to be afraid of taking out a loan because my family had a bad experience with that when I was little, but by learning about loans I was able to prepare myself for taking out a loan in the future. By learning from others mistakes, not only you’re educating yourself, but you could even help out someone else.

Rule no.4

Be grateful for what you have. We all heard about Maria Kondo and her joyful series about how to tidy up your mess in an Eastern style. But what I love about that is how it shows that being grateful for every thing you own pays off really quick. Not only you’re aware of how much you own, but it also creates an abundance of positive vibes that are bound to attract more of that into your life. When you know what you own and are grateful for it, there is less of a feeling or need to spend more.

Rule no.5

Decide how much you want to earn next year. As we grow, our income should also grow. By deciding how much you will earn by the end of next year you are ultimately attracting more into your life. However, even though how you get there is in your hands, your decision plays a huge role in creating an abundant life. It is declaring that you deserve unlimited amount of money, you will handle it, and that will attract even more into your life.

Thank you for reading this post, I’ll be back to you with more money wisdom’s for artists in a week!

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