Abundance Basics: Law Of Attraction

This is a theory that is as old as the world itself. It explains why we as humans attract to ourselves what we deserve. But it also explains why we repel certain things. Have you ever tried really hard to be liked by someone and they just ran away? That is a perfect example of law of attraction.

It’s confusing. Let me put it this way. We as humans have an invisible magnetic field, just like any other object does. We broadcast a certain type of energy that is formed by our subconsciousness, simply put – it can be either ‘plus’ or ‘minus’. There are people who grew up with the ‘plus’ because of their surroundings and so it is very easy for them to attract more things – we call these people ‘lucky’. But, life is not all easy for a lot of people. We tend to create this ‘minus’ atmosphere around us, pulling in less things that we want and more that we don’t.

When I first heard about this theory, it felt wrong. But once I tried it out, it made sense. A whole week I monitored my thoughts and actions, while I was aligning with abundance every day. When my life started to become more clear and easy, then I knew – it was the law of attraction working right in front of my eyes.

‘Huh, cringe.’

It is easy to get uncomfortable around people who work on the law of attraction. In my experience, these people sound somewhat naive or raw. But we learned though plenty of past experiences that being naive is not how we will survive in this world. And so, this concept is hard to take in.

When we start to shift our paradigm, the one that brings you ‘bad luck’ and a lot of suffering, we begin to see that doing what we want more of in life is really worth it. Do you really want more tired and unmotivated days? Do you really want more debt? Do you really want more unpleasant relationships? Do you really want to feel bored right now?

You Attract What You Think

It is simple, but not quite. To stop thinking things you don’t want in life takes time to actually realise and be aware of when these thoughts appear. Keeping a journal for thoughts is one way of doing it.

Also, you can start with thinking of what you want more in life. And by ‘thinking’ I do not mean ‘repeat ‘money’ in your head over and over’, I mean that you should be actually thinking about what you want. For example, I want my business to grow, so I think of how I will do something that will bring me closer to that, or how when I want more positive people around me, so I think of what I can do to help those around me because that should help them be more positive.

In his post about Law of Attraction, Daniel J. S. (2019) suggested that this positive thinking is generating serotonin that is almost fake, that makes people addicted to the law and inflates their ego. So, keep it realistic, after all we can’t live in fantasies that everything will be fine only because we are thinking about it.

While you are thinking of what you want more in life, you’re attracting the same energy towards yourself. People like to use positive affirmations because they are attracting exactly what you want and you don’t need to think of want to say or think. And, these affirmations then become intentions which grow into actions that make the law work. For example, every morning I start with writing down 4 affirmations to align with my values and the day in front of me so that I attract exactly what I want or need in my life.

NLP and the Law Of Attraction

Neuro-linguistic Programming is a movement in psychology that is very relevant at the moment and got a lot in common with the Law of Attraction. They both deal with ‘reprogramming’ your brain from thinking in one way to another. But, I think that the law is more about energy of your soul rather than just your brain neurons. You want to align with your soul and its purpose via affirmations and positive thinking, which then will attract people and situations with similar energy to your soul.

Law Of Attraction in Personal Finance

Just like you can attract a better quality life for yourself, you can attract more money! I believe that the Law Of Attraction sits at the base of abundance mindset, which is the mindset that people who manage to use their money to its full potential have. It all starts with you – if you want to be more financially secure, then it’s time to think about how you will achieve that.

And it is not bad to be wanting more money because money is neutral – it is neither bad or good, so it doesn’t make the person using it anyhow different. If you start growing your monetary wealth with the right attitude, you got a better chance of retaining that attitude and the money you’re attracting in the future.

Thank you for reading this post, I’ll be back to you with more money wisdom’s for artists tomorrow!

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