How To Track Your Spending And Actually Like It

It can feel dreadful to be tracking your spending. If you’re like me who rarely checks their bank account and forgets to keep the track of how much I spend in the month, welcome to the club! In attempts to get myself to be more financially responsible, I have found a way that works really well for all the creative people out there because it is fun.

Bullet Journal Spending Trackers

You probably already seen these cute little journals with dots instead of lines. These little babies can be used to spill some creativity and passion into planning and tracking your money. And, after spending a couple of hours drawing your perfect spending tracker, you’re more likely to use it than not.

And to find inspiration for these is very simple – Pinterest.

Spending Tracker Apps

If your mobile banking app doesn’t have a feature to tell you how much you spend every day, then you can rely on other apps. Right now I am using an app called Plum – it is an app for saving and investing, but what I love about it is that it notifies you daily how much money you got left in your bank account. This is so great because I don’t even need to open the app or go into my mobile banking to check up on my spending!

Top apps for tracking your spending on Android

Traditional into original

Traditional ways of tracking spending is the following: collecting receipts, using envelope method, and spreadsheets. You can exercise your creative muscles here as well. For example, to really engage yourself in the tracking process daily, try designing a spreadsheet that will look so stunning that you will want to come back to it every day.

My own food spending tracker in 2020

Find Your Own Way

The best thing about life is that we can be as fun and as creative about the ways we do things! Try starting by getting an app or drawing up your bullet journal spread for tracking money and notice what you like or don’t like about it the most. For example, I tried to track my spending with an app before but it wasn’t exactly very useful for me because I didn’t want to spend my time timing in every expenditure I made, so I got an app that does it for me.

If you found a unique way of tracking your spending, pop it in the comments to inspire others!

Thank you for reading this post, I’ll be back to you with more money wisdom’s for artists tomorrow!

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