How To Have Fun While Saving Money

Saving money just sounds so dull – you got to stay away from your favourite mocha on the way home because ‘you’re saving’. Saving might feel like you don’t have enough money and that makes you feel miserable. It is definitely not inspiring to add another ‘bill’ to your already looming financial commitments. Day after day we keep thinking about saving money but then end up spending loads, defeated in this way might never bring you back to saving. When it feels like you just can’t keep this up, like you need that £100 that you put into your savings every month, there are a couple of things you can do to make it easier for yourself.

Why So Serious?

As much as money is not something to pay with, we can still have fun and make most out of it. For example, to save for my emergency fund I spent a week drawing my ‘perfect’ savings tracker. While I was drawing, there was a lot of thinking about how much and how often I want to save. And that is when I realised, I don’t need to save the same amount every month. So I drew this window with water droplets representing an amount of money to put into my savings account. Once the money is transferred, I can colour the droplet in.

Find Silly Opportunities

The world we live in shouldn’t be all rational all the time, right? Live to your best irrational and childish dreams and let people laugh. Did you want to make money by selling lemonade by the side of your house? Well, why not and give it a try. You wanted to earn money by giving people hugs? I’ll honestly do that with you! Obviously advertise it as free hugs but there will definitely be some generous donations. Possibilities are endless.

Challenge Your Friend

Imagine if you got challenged by your younger sibling that you won’t be able to save a $100 in a week. How would that make you feel? Perhaps you would feel like beating that little monster and being proud and victorious older sibling as you were always. What an incentive!

When challenging people who are not in your family, I would suggest to first ask them if they are saving and maybe even how much or what for. Also, some people like unreasonable challenges, where they can really go all out. However, some people would like a challenge that is just a tiny bit out of their comfort zone, so keep that in mind too.

But, if you don’t have a fiend that could challenge you or you them, social media groups are a great way of finding those people you can challenge or who would gladly get challenged as well. Try finding some on Facebook!

If you don’t have a friend you can challenge, or you didn’t find any groups – send me an e-mail ( and we can become accountability partners for each other!

Save For Something You Really Want

There are people who are constantly saving and never spend. They might say that they ‘have no life’, but I think that is only true if they are not saving for something fun. It is part of having good financial habits to be so disciplined with your spending and saving that you know exactly what you spend on. So, do you want to go to a club and waste a £50 on jell-o-shots? Or maybe you want to go to an exquisite cruise with your loved one. Either way, make sure you make a goal of saving that money. Not only it will help you make good financial decisions, it will make saving more fun!

Get Inspired

Some people out there don’t like inspirational quotes and blogs that keep saying ‘you can do it!’ all the time. It feels too basic and cliche. But for the rest of us who love little things like this, it can keep you on track in a way that will give you less headache. It can even give you more energy and motivation to continue saving more.

I would recommend to go on YouTube and search for inspirational audios, or you can also find lots of them on Spotify. But be aware that some of these inspirational tools might be too intense or even unrealistic. In my experience, I used to listen to this playlist on Spotify and one of the audios would be inviting me to ‘grind’ my day all the time. But the truth is, you don’t need to follow their advise, it is their energy that should inspire you to keep going.

Are you already having fun with your savings? Inspire others by sharing in the comments!

Thank you for reading this post, I’ll be back to you with more money wisdom’s for artists tomorrow!

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