Why ‘Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness’

For some people, no matter how much money they get, it never seems like enough. It is a viscous cycle of achieving more and more and more. Can we ever feel truly happy? These people would argue that money does in fact bring you more happiness. However, it is easy to confuse the feeling of satisfaction with happiness. I hope that after reading this article you’ll be super clear on this.

If-Then Trap

When we really strive for something, and actually achieve it in the end, the happiness gained from it gets levelled out and we return to our ‘status quo’ very quickly. This is what psychologists call ‘hedonic adaptation‘. So when you are trying to reach a financial goal, like buying a house or a car, the happiness that you thought you would get after getting it is doomed to dissipate into the thin air some time after the purchase.

The saying ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’ actually says ‘don’t focus on buying because you’ll never feel fulfilled that way’. And it is true. We would feel happy by being authentic, fulfilling our soul’s purpose, serving and helping others.

‘But I Can Buy Something That Will Allow Me To Feel Happy’

This is the same if I said ‘money can’t help you with hunger’, obviously we use money to fulfil a need. But no matter what you buy, happiness is only a byproduct of that. You cannot expect that your self-esteem and self-worth will be sustained only via buying new stuff. If you do, then eventually you’ll end up regretting wasting all of that money because you didn’t actually feel happy in the end.

‘But What About Buying Experiences?’

Our brains love novelty, so you might be considering buying a holiday trip and airplane tickets to somewhere nice. And perhaps if you’re selective and careful in deciding which experiences you’re investing into, this may be a way to buy some happiness. So instead of a holiday I would suggest that you buy an experience that will help you long time into the future. For example, education is one of the most valuable experiences you may have in your life. Maybe it doesn’t provide you with overflowing happiness from the start, but it might do when you apply what you have learned and improve standards of your life.

Plus, as much as it is a very boring concept – holidays are a luxury no matter how wealthy you are, and so they need to be treated that way. You can still have fun and spend no money. It is the matter of creative brainstorming and experimenting. How exciting is that!

‘But I Will Look Miserable Compared To Others!’

I am a strong believer that you should never compare yourself to others. The only person you compare yourself to is yourself yesterday or in the past. Everyone else on this planet is living at a different spreed than you, they face different circumstances and had a different upbringing. As much as we are all pretty much the same – we are all humans, there is just no comparable variable between each other (except for our physical appearances).

This means that if you’ll stop buying stuff just for status that you think will make you happy, you you’ll never look miserable compared to others. And if your circle will not approve of it and make fun of you for it, then it is probably best if you surround yourself with people who would value this decision instead.

Happiness Is A Choice

Money can’t buy you happiness, because happiness is a choice. What was the last thing you bought off Amazon? Was it to make you feel happy? But how would it make you feel if I said that you chose to buy that thing off Amazon, but you didn’t choose to feel happy? Remember that you always have the power to be happy. Do it even if you don’t feel like it!

But of course saying this to someone who has very little money is silly. Money can solve a lot of problems, yet it is needed to be used with caution. If the lack of money drives you to act in ungrateful ways with people you know – then you will have fewer people to rely on afterwards, and that means less happiness.

And The Bottom Line – You Won’t Be Happy All The Time No Matter How Much Money You Have

A gentle reminder that life is unpredictable. So, even if you have all the money you need you still may have those down days. I would highly recommend to continue pursuing personal development and keep discovering yourself, building emotional intelligence and greater flexibility. And I will hope that your down days will only be days and not weeks or months.

Thank you for reading this post, I’ll be back to you with more money wisdom’s for artists tomorrow!

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