‘To bring more beauty into the world that money cannot control’

In Tamed Money we provide financial coaching to students and artists, who struggle with scarcity mindset.

About Tamed Money

To provide quality financial coaching, Tamed Money is dedicated to spread awareness and highlight the importance of personal financial management. A great deal of emphasis goes to the paradox of uncertainty and how your future may depend on your financial choices today.

A lot of people grow up with the scarcity mindset – it’s in our books, our parent’s lessons to us, media, movies, etc. Tamed Money is a great believer that in today’s world, people deserve to have a lot of money and that doesn’t have to do with their traits or way of living at all.

Our Values



Our prises and contents of all services are completely clear, understandable and with no underlying fees.

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My name is Jevgenija Zukova (Yevgeneeya Zhukova).

I moved to UK 6 years ago due to unfortunate financial difficulties my family had to experience. We have lost a lot of our friends, some of our health and our family home that my parents build themselves.

This unexpected life event changed my perspective on money completely and I struggled financially a lot of the time.

So, I dedicated myself to learning all the ins and outs of personal finance.

And, now I’m here to help you see money a little bit differently.

Financial Education:

> Diploma in Financial Studies

> Accounting and Finance (BA) Hons