UK Investing: Buying A House Over A Flat

Property is the one best investment we make in our lives. However, for millennials, it is far more difficult to enter the housing market than what it was like for any previous generations. Which is one of the reasons was created a so-called 'generation rent' in which we are happily renting our accommodations till our … Continue reading UK Investing: Buying A House Over A Flat

Ethical Investing

In the past 20 years we all noticed the emergence of more ethical companies. The organisations that treat their coworkers fairly, give back to the community, fight for a cause, etc. And nowadays companies like Body Shop revolutionise the world from the inside of the system - moving to greener, cleaner and more organic life … Continue reading Ethical Investing

Investor Mindset

We are making decisions about how to use our money every single day. Some think that we have no control over it because it gets pulled into different directions almost instantly, and some just spend their money because 'money is used for spending' without thinking about where it goes. When we approach personal finance to … Continue reading Investor Mindset

Investment Options Available To A Beginner

So last month I was refreshing my knowledge about all the different types and options of investments and some of them specifically to where I live (UK). And I've created another cheat sheet - this time about all the different types of investments that I could find on Money Advice Service. I've added it to … Continue reading Investment Options Available To A Beginner

Investing Thursdays: Why Invest?

When I asked all of you what you don't have in your financial plan in my poll on twitter, I understood that many people actually don't get into investing. Investing has bad reputation of being potentially risky and overall not that exciting when there is a chance of loosing all your money. This area can't … Continue reading Investing Thursdays: Why Invest?