Interest Rates Cheat Sheet

Interest rate is this tiny percentage that you either pay on the amount of money you borrowed or the one you're saving in a savings account. It is small, but don't underestimate it! It can be a great tool in your personal finances. Interest on loans - have to pay to lender.Interest on savings - … Continue reading Interest Rates Cheat Sheet

Emergency Fund – Why And How

Let's be honest - life happens. It can bring our whole lives down. But we never know when it will happen. If banks gets to be bailed out by the government, then why not set up a safety net for yourself to bail out yourself in case of some unpredictable life event? Emergency fund is … Continue reading Emergency Fund – Why And How

How To Grow Your Savings As An Artist

Saving regularly pays off in the long run. However, some typical advice for growing savings, such as cutting back on non-essential items, doesn't exactly work for you because most of the art supplies are considered as non-essential. So how do we look at savings from a creative point of view? What are savings in general … Continue reading How To Grow Your Savings As An Artist