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Why Do You Still Stress About Money When You Have Enough

If you believe that you have enough money for the life you’re living, then it feels like you shouldn’t have to stress about it anymore – make sense right? But sometimes you get these anxiety attacks, some overthinking sessions, or just nagging thoughts at the back of your mind about something that makes you stressed … Continue reading Why Do You Still Stress About Money When You Have Enough

When Not To Borrow

The other week I’ve discussed a couple of certain moments in life when borrowing with your credit card is appropriate. So, this time I want to touch on some of the times when it’s best to hold off borrowing and look at some other ways you can pay off the bill you’re dealing with. When … Continue reading When Not To Borrow

Ethical Investing

In the past 20 years we all noticed the emergence of more ethical companies. The organisations that treat their coworkers fairly, give back to the community, fight for a cause, etc. And nowadays companies like Body Shop revolutionise the world from the inside of the system – moving to greener, cleaner and more organic life … Continue reading Ethical Investing

Expenses To Avoid

Budgeting doesn’t need to be all about restraining yourself from things you like in everyday life. Budget helps you to identify financial leaks, where you may have not noticed occurred. But also it helps you to stay on track with increasing financial commitments in your life that bring more value than other expenses. Imagine if … Continue reading Expenses To Avoid


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