Why You Should Save First Then Borrow

Saving today is an unattractive activity. After all, the interest rates are so minuscule, you hardly ever earn anything on it. But as a financial coach, I believe that people should first have savings and use them first when they need to finance large purchases, rather than getting a loan. So if you love your … Continue reading Why You Should Save First Then Borrow

When Should I Borrow?

Nowadays, almost everybody has a credit card and enjoy the comfort of being able to buy things instantly. However, it can go overboard, especially if you have a spending habit. There are things you better pay for on your debit, and there are things that are healthy for your credit score. So I hope that … Continue reading When Should I Borrow?

Investment Options Available To A Beginner

So last month I was refreshing my knowledge about all the different types and options of investments and some of them specifically to where I live (UK). And I've created another cheat sheet - this time about all the different types of investments that I could find on Money Advice Service. I've added it to … Continue reading Investment Options Available To A Beginner

Interest Rates Cheat Sheet

Interest rate is this tiny percentage that you either pay on the amount of money you borrowed or the one you're saving in a savings account. It is small, but don't underestimate it! It can be a great tool in your personal finances. Interest on loans - have to pay to lender.Interest on savings - … Continue reading Interest Rates Cheat Sheet