How To Lend Money To Family And Friends

There are difficult situations we all may happen to get into at some points in our lives. It is only understandable that we want to help those who need it, especially if it's your family or a close friend. But some of these feelings may be lies and can lead us into an unstable financial … Continue reading How To Lend Money To Family And Friends

Learning Your Spending Habits *CHALLENGE*

Hello there everyone! Today I am here to challenge you. And really, also to challenge myself. Lately I've been trying to sort out my own budget planner and noticed the amount of detail that usually goes into it. This is one of the main reasons why some of us don't do a full budget and … Continue reading Learning Your Spending Habits *CHALLENGE*

Struggles Of Saving Money As A Student

It is rare when a student living on their student loan is saving up money for something. But there are some and I think they are doing a great service for themselves. Why can't all of the students be like that? Well, being a student myself, I can definitely name a few. It's Tiresome While … Continue reading Struggles Of Saving Money As A Student

Ethical Investing

In the past 20 years we all noticed the emergence of more ethical companies. The organisations that treat their coworkers fairly, give back to the community, fight for a cause, etc. And nowadays companies like Body Shop revolutionise the world from the inside of the system - moving to greener, cleaner and more organic life … Continue reading Ethical Investing

Expenses To Avoid

Budgeting doesn't need to be all about restraining yourself from things you like in everyday life. Budget helps you to identify financial leaks, where you may have not noticed occurred. But also it helps you to stay on track with increasing financial commitments in your life that bring more value than other expenses. Imagine if … Continue reading Expenses To Avoid