UK Investing: Buying A House Over A Flat

Property is the one best investment we make in our lives. However, for millennials, it is far more difficult to enter the housing market than what it was like for any previous generations. Which is one of the reasons was created a so-called 'generation rent' in which we are happily renting our accommodations till our … Continue reading UK Investing: Buying A House Over A Flat

Expenses To Avoid

Budgeting doesn't need to be all about restraining yourself from things you like in everyday life. Budget helps you to identify financial leaks, where you may have not noticed occurred. But also it helps you to stay on track with increasing financial commitments in your life that bring more value than other expenses. Imagine if … Continue reading Expenses To Avoid

How Does Having ‘Enough’ Look Like?

Have you been thinking about buying something that you want really bad, but keep stopping yourself from this investment because you just don't have enough money? Or maybe you have been saving more and more money without an end, and just don't know what to do with it now. Or you have beef feeling that … Continue reading How Does Having ‘Enough’ Look Like?

Investor Mindset

We are making decisions about how to use our money every single day. Some think that we have no control over it because it gets pulled into different directions almost instantly, and some just spend their money because 'money is used for spending' without thinking about where it goes. When we approach personal finance to … Continue reading Investor Mindset

How To Track Your Spending And Actually Like It

It can feel dreadful to be tracking your spending. If you're like me who rarely checks their bank account and forgets to keep the track of how much I spend in the month, welcome to the club! In attempts to get myself to be more financially responsible, I have found a way that works really … Continue reading How To Track Your Spending And Actually Like It