Investor Mindset

We are making decisions about how to use our money every single day. Some think that we have no control over it because it gets pulled into different directions almost instantly, and some just spend their money because 'money is used for spending' without thinking about where it goes. When we approach personal finance to … Continue reading Investor Mindset

Why You Should Save First Then Borrow

Saving today is an unattractive activity. After all, the interest rates are so minuscule, you hardly ever earn anything on it. But as a financial coach, I believe that people should first have savings and use them first when they need to finance large purchases, rather than getting a loan. So if you love your … Continue reading Why You Should Save First Then Borrow

Interest Rates Cheat Sheet

Interest rate is this tiny percentage that you either pay on the amount of money you borrowed or the one you're saving in a savings account. It is small, but don't underestimate it! It can be a great tool in your personal finances. Interest on loans - have to pay to lender.Interest on savings - … Continue reading Interest Rates Cheat Sheet