Learning Your Spending Habits *CHALLENGE*

Hello there everyone! Today I am here to challenge you. And really, also to challenge myself. Lately I've been trying to sort out my own budget planner and noticed the amount of detail that usually goes into it. This is one of the main reasons why some of us don't do a full budget and … Continue reading Learning Your Spending Habits *CHALLENGE*

Abundance Affirmations I Meditate On Regularly

Words have a lot of power in changing and shaping our lives. If you keep telling yourself you don't have enough money, even if on impulse or as a joke, then you will have no money further on as well. One way to start breaking this vicious circle is by saying that you do have … Continue reading Abundance Affirmations I Meditate On Regularly

Abundance Basics: Law Of Attraction

This is a theory that is as old as the world itself. It explains why we as humans attract to ourselves what we deserve. But it also explains why we repel certain things. Have you ever tried really hard to be liked by someone and they just ran away? That is a perfect example of … Continue reading Abundance Basics: Law Of Attraction